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Mar 26

Spring Pledge Drive 2018

POSTED BY: Jeff Holland


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It’s spring! And as the ospreys are wending their way back to rebuild their nests, we have exciting news to report on our progress in preserving and protecting our waterways, thanks to support from folks like you.

We’ve recently won our four-year battle to save Deep Cove Creek in Churchton from illegal development. Teaming up with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, SACReD, and our Franklin Manor neighbors, we ran up nearly half a million in pro-bono legal fees not only to preserve 27 acres, but also to protect the Critical Areas laws from a precedent that would have given developers free rein on all the rest of the Chesapeake Bay’s shoreline.

At Franklin Point State Park, our volunteers have blazed new trails to better explore this 477-acre tract of forest, marsh and meadow as part of our efforts to expand public access to our waterways.

We’ve just moved our office to a new location on the campus of the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), a step that will prove to be transformational for this organization. We’re already teaming up with SERC scientists in a program to create new demonstration oyster beds on the Rhode River. Our goal is to exponentially expand our oyster-growers program as well as our community outreach and education efforts.

We’re about to launch our pumpout boat, which served nearly a thousand boats last year and safely disposed of a record 16,000 gallons of raw sewage. A new benefit makes the pumpouts even easier: If you’re a $100 level supporter, you can make an appointment by texting our smart phone, and our pumpout boat operator will meet you at your dock for a free pumpout, all season long.

This is your chance to show your appreciation for all of our hard work to make our rivers fishable, swimmable, crab-able and paddle-able. We are almost entirely funded by donations from people like you who love our rivers. We do not receive county or state funding. Please click here to make a secure donation online.

Thank you for your support!

Your Riverkeeper,





 Jeff Holland

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2018 Spring Pledge Drive

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The latest bacteria test results.

Bacteria will be sampled at 14 sites, including community swimming beaches, weekly from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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