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Mar 19

Perch eggs, A hidden sign of spring

Posted by: Joe

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Here's a great photo slide show about yellow perch eggs.
Source: Linda Davidson, The Washington Post
  Yellow Perch, are considered to be semi-anadromous fish.  This means that they spend their adult lives living in the saltier waters of the Bay and travel up into the fresher headwaters of rivers and streams to lay their eggs.  They do this every year from late February thru March.
  Our beloved Striped Bass, aka Rockfish, are fully anadromous fish.  This means that they spend much of their adult life in the salty waters of the ocean and travel up into the fresher waters of the Chesapeake to spawn.  Rockfish are heading up the Bay now, in late March, to reach their spawning grounds in freshwater rivers by April.
 Shad and Herring are also anadromous fish that come up the Chesapeake Bay to spawn.