West and Rhode Riverkeeper

We work with our community to enforce environmental law, to
promote restoration, and to advocate for better environmental policy.
Contact us: 443-758-7797  ♦  PO Box 172, Shady Side, MD 20764

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Franklin Point State Park is now open

Welcome to Franklin Point State Park


The Dent Road area is open to public access for day use only.
To obtain a day use permit and access the gate combination, click here. 
Or call Sandy Point State Park at 410-974-2149, Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm.
 You must provide your name, phone number and email address to obtain the gate code.
 The gate must be secured after you enter the park and upon your exit. Parking is only permitted in the designated lot adjacent to the entrance. Do not park along the entrance road.
 Please re-lock the gate behind you after you enter and when you leave. Park ONLY in the designated parking area to the left beyond the gate. Franklin Point is Trash-Free. Please pack out your trash. Alcohol is prohibited in all Maryland State Parks. The park hours are sunrise to sunset.
 Be courteous to our neighbors — drive slowly, watch for kids, dogs and wildlife.
In case of an emergency, contact *Natural Resources Police* at *410-260-8888*, or call *911*. 

Access to this park was made possible by a partnership with the West & Rhode Riverkeeper. To volunteer, or to make a donation, contact or call 410-867-7171.

 Mud - In creeks and ponds, use your paddle to test that it's not bottomless before you get out of your boat. Once you sink in up to your knees, you're going to need help.
 Snapping Turtles - They can grow to be as big as trash can lids and in creeks and ponds like to lurk below undercut banks and sunken logs - don't put a foot or hand in there without poking around with your paddle first.
 Powerboats - Powerboats and PWC's transit Deep Cove Creek to and from the Bay, particularly on weekends. A boat under power will be mid-channel. The posted speed limit in the creek is six knots.
 Bacteria - Open cuts can become seriously infected by bacteria found in Bay, creek and pond waters and there's a lot of stuff hiding under mud and sand (including crabs) that can injure feet. Water shoes or sandals are good protection.
 Weather - A change from flat calm to strong winds can occur very rapidly. This may only be uncomfortable in the creeks and ponds but dangerous offshore in the Bay. Match where you paddle with the capabilities of your boat and your experience.
 Ticks/Chiggers - Like every other wooded area in this part of Maryland, FPSP has them.
 Wear your lifejacket.
 Paddle with someone else.
 Paddle sober.
 Dress for the water temperature.
 Look at the launch site as you're leaving so you can find it again. It's at 38°48.82'N 76° 30.75'W.
 Paddling away from the launch during low tide, stay in deeper water beyond the poles (that is, stay closer to the far shore) until entering the narrow Deep Creek channel heading toward the Bay. More details at www.aacwt.org (Map 12.)
 If you then veer left at the main (only big) creek junction and head out into the Bay, look at the mouth of Deep Cove Creek so that on your return, you can find the creek mouth (38° 48.32'N 76° 30.560'W.)
 If you want to stretch your legs on the Franklin Pt. State Park trails that follow the c. 1950 to 1988 Deep Creek Airpark runways, pull ashore at 38° 48.55'N 76° 30.63'W (125 yards north of the main creek junction.)

 Low Tide:  Deep Cove Creek, Deep Creek and Flag Pond are very shallow at the headwaters and pond entrances.  At times of low tide, tidal channels will be the only way through these areas.  If you run aground, use your paddle to push back the way you came (see Mud caution).     

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