West and Rhode Riverkeeper

We work with our community to enforce environmental law, to
promote restoration, and to advocate for better environmental policy.
Contact us: 443-758-7797  ♦  PO Box 172, Shady Side, MD 20764

Report a Problem

What kinds of problems should be reported?

  • Dumping of oil, trash, sewage, chemicals or anything other than clean water into the rivers, their tributaries or the Bay
  • Mud or silt run-off from land into the water
  • Cutting of trees or any disturbance of the land within the Critical Area (within 1,000 feet of the shoreline)
  • Derelict or abandoned boats and fishing or crabbing gear
  • Un-permitted dredging and dock construction
  • Large algae blooms and fish kills
  • Illegal harvesting of fish, shellfish or birds
  • Injured or sick wild animals

How do I report these problems?

  • For disturbances in the critical area, illegal building of docks and illegal dredging
    • Ann Arundel Department of Planning and Zoning 24-hour hot-line at 410-222-7777. You can also email .
  • For problems involving sewage spills, silt, algae, fish kills, and illegal fishing
    • Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) at 877-224-7229.
  • For oil spills and hazards to navigation
    • the Coast Guard at 877-249-2824.
  • For sick or injured wild animals
    • Call DNR at 1-877-463-6497
    • Visit www.dnr.state.md.us/wildlife/wlproblems.asp
    • Call Davidsonville Wildlife Sanctuary 410-798-0193

When you make a report

Please write down the name of the person you speak to and ask if there is a report number.
Sometimes it is difficult to get through to the right person or they say there is nothing they can do. Please also call or e-mail the Riverkeeper. We will make sure we get the right person and we will follow up to see that something is done about your report.

To make a report to the Riverkeeper

  • call Jeff Holland at 410-867-7171
  • or e-mail