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May 03

Gulf Oil Spill

Posted by Chris in Waterkeeper , Oil Slick , Offshore Drilling , Gulf , BP

I'm sure many members of West/Rhode Riverkeeper are following the Gulf Oil Spill situation. The devastating impacts of this spill demonstrate once again how easily we can destroy an ecosystem.

aerial view of Gulf Oil Slick

As we watch the oil inundate Gulf marshes and cover fish, turtles, birds and other wildlife, we are reminded of the effects of poor regulation. This country has laws meant to minimize the likelihood of such catastrophic oil spills. Too often, however, the profits of an industry take precedence over protection of our natural resources.

While we can't go back in time to prevent this spill, we can do our best to make sure this doesn't happen again. Just a few weeks ago, federal officials unveiled plans to pursue offshore drilling near the Chesapeake. What was a controversial idea just a couple weeks ago now seems like utter folly. Who could possibly advocate for bringing offshore drilling to our coast now? Drill, baby, drill became spill, baby, spill.

We are fortunate that the West and Rhode Rivers are not threatened by this disaster. However, our hearts go out to those in the Gulf States who will be dealing with this tragedy for years to come. Our brother and sister Waterkeeper organizations in the area are on the front lines down there. You can support them by visiting this site. (Select 'Gulf Disaster Relief' in the Gift Designation box).

You can read the official Waterkeeper press release on the Gulf Oil Spill here.

Dec 06

Waterkeeper organizations in Maryland petition to the Environmental Protection Agency

Posted by Chris in Waterkeeper , protection , Maryland , environmental , clean water act , chesapeake bay , alliance , agency

Today, 12 Waterkeeper organizations in Maryland (including West/Rhode Riverkeeper) along with the Waterkeeper Alliance submitted a petition to the Environmental Protection Agency. The petition calls for EPA to withdraw Maryland's delegated authority to administer the Clean Water Act's pollution permitting program for dischargers in the state unless the State takes the necessary corrective action and improves its performance. Maryland Department of the Environment and Governor O'Malley's office were notified of this action in advance.

The Chesapeake Bay watershed is in crisis, and drastic action is needed. We submitted this petition with the singular purpose of improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay. It is our sincere hope that this action will result in a positive change in the way that Maryland enforces the Clean Water Act, and will ultimately help speed up the Bay's recovery.

Dec 01

Executive Director for West/Rhode Riverkeeper, Inc

Posted by Chris in Waterkeeper , riverkeeper

On December 1, I assumed the responsibilities as Executive Director for West/Rhode Riverkeeper, Inc. When I was hired as Riverkeeper in July 2008, the intention was always for me to eventually serve as both Riverkeeper and Executive Director, and allow Bob Gallagher, the organization's founder and former Riverkeeper to transition to become Chair of our Board of Directors. It is appropriate at this point to thank Bob for his amazing vision and dedication to the program. I am very excited about my new role, and equally excited that Bob will remain fully engaged as Board Chair and continue to avail the organization of his knowledge and experience.

We are also shifting some responsibilities for our other staff. Amy Colhoun, our Program Manager, will be assuming the volunteer coordinator duties. Kelly Myers is now our Outreach and Communications Coordinator.

West/Rhode Riverkeeper is privileged to have such a talented team working as staff, and also a dedicated volunteer base and membership community that enables us to continue to work to improve the health of our Rivers. Thanks to everyone who helps make our work possible!