West and Rhode Riverkeeper

We work with our community to enforce environmental law, to
promote restoration, and to advocate for better environmental policy.
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Joe Ports


Restoration Coordinator


Joe spent a lot of his childhood on Middle River visiting his Grandparents where he developed a love for the Chesapeake Bay. He graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science in May 2011. His studies got him involved in sampling local streams for biologic life and carried him to the Peruvian rainforest for a summer class. He has interned at University of Maryland's Aquaculture Research Center where he assisted scientists with their experiments involving farming fish, crabs, and oysters indoors. Joe started his work with the Riverkeeper in August of 2011 as part of a grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust and is now working as our Restoration Coordinator. He has taken an active role in our water quality monitoring program and planning on the ground restoration projects. He loves the outdoors and the activities that go along with it including fishing, hunting, water skiing, wakeboarding, and rock climbing.