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Mar 18

Support the Stormwater Fee

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The Watershed Protection and Restoration Fee is a local solution to local problems. Rain falls on our highways, streets, parking lots, driveways and roofs, and when we don’t slow it down, cool it off and let it soak into the ground, it fouls our rivers and creeks with sediment, bacteria and pollution. 


We have 200,000 more people living in Anne Arundel County than we did 50 years ago – that’s up 64 percent, which means that many more highways, roads, parking lots – and roofs. And that much more runoff dumping that much more pollution into our waterways. 


The stormwater fee goes directly to fund projects that treat this runoff. It can’t be used for any other purpose. Some of the funds are being administered by the Chesapeake Bay Trust by way of highly competitive grants to organizations like the West and Rhode Riverkeeper. 


We’re hoping to secure about $100,000 to create new wetlands beside the Avalon Shores fire station. This project will protect properties in Avalon Shores by keeping sediment and pollution from the West River, and it’s the first step in many needed to address flooding issues on the Shady Side peninsula.  It's shovel-ready! 


With the stormwater fee program supporting projects like this here and all across the county, we now have the rare opportunity to give our grandchildren the gift of clean waterways – teeming with underwater grasses, fish, crabs and oysters – the way they were in our grandparents’ time.


Send a message to our legislators and tell them you support the stormwater fee. We’ve got a viable program in place – let’s give it a chance to prove its worth. It’s the best way to meet our obligation to future generations: fishable, swimmable rivers and creeks.


Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh

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